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Design & Construction of Viera Veterans Affairs Outpatient Clinic – 30,000 square foot addition to the Viera VA Medical Clinic



Replace "R" Line Overhead to Underground Power
Cape Canaveral Air Force Station (CCAFS), FL

Replace approximately 6,700 linear feet of overhead medium voltage power lines with underground duct bank and manholes, and to provide switches, transformers, and other equipment necessary for tie in of that power to existing facilities.



The project involved the remediation of Dense Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid (DNAPL) source areas that created a chlorinated solvent plume approximately 180 acres in size.  The site is located in the middle of the Industrial Area at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida and the DNAPL source area plume extended beneath an occupied facility (Hangar K), making the logistics of implementation of a remedy complex.   Contaminants of concern in groundwater were chlorinated solvents including trichloroethene (TCE), cis-1,2-dichloroethene (DCE), trans-1,2-DCE and vinyl chloride.  CORE implemented the Corrective Measures in several steps:

  • Treatment of the primary TCE source areas (TCE > 200 ppm) via the in-situ injection of Emulsified Zero Valent Iron;
  • Treatment of the secondary and tertiary source areas (TCE between 100 and 200 ppm and TCE between 10 and 100 ppm, respectively) via the injection of Vegetable Oil and lactate solutions;
  • Continued operation & maintenance/long term monitoring of the CCAFS Regional Stormwater System controlling contaminant groundwater plume migration;
  • Natural attenuation of groundwater contamination to FDEP GCTLs documented by continued monitoring and land use controls


This project involved the restoration of approximately 10,000 lineal feet of dune line at Patrick Air Force Base, FL. The existing dune was surveyed and new dune profiles were developed based on current beach configuration. Over 51,000 cubic yards of beach sand was harvested from a site at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station to the north, then trucked and spread within the project area to form the new dune. Approximately 81,000 plants of various species were then planted along the new dune line for stabilization.



The focus of this project was the repair and construction of new potable water mains and fire water mains in and around Area 59, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.  The project activities involved repairing existing potable water lines and furnishing and installing new water system lines including the tie-in and incorporation of existing services to the new distribution system within this secure area.



Veterans' Administration Roof Replacement & Dental Clinic Revisions
Winter Park, Florida

Work activities consisted of the replacement of approximately 50,000 square feet of roofing and the modification of a dental clinic area within the VA Hospital to incorporate the existing x-ray room, waiting room and laboratory into three new operatories.



PAFB North Housing Shoreline Revetment – Shoreline Stabilization
Patrick Air Force Base, Florida
45th Space Wing (45 CES/CEL)

CORE was contracted to construct a shoreline revetment at Patrick Air Force Base, Florida. The purpose of this project was to stabilize approximately 2,600 feet of the shoreline along the PAFB North Housing area to avoid further erosion during storm events.



Taxiway Mike 2 – Drainage Improvements
Air National Guard – Jacksonville International Airport, Florida

CORE was contracted to install reinforced concrete drain pipe at the Air National Guard facility located at the Jacksonville International Airport. The intent of the project was to tie into and extend the current drain pipe to allow greater shoulder area along the taxiway to support aircraft.

Special considerations related to this project included coordination of flight line work with security personnel and demobilization/remobilization for an approaching hurricane.



Remediation of American Creosote Works Superfund Site

Louisville, Mississippi


The work includes the demolition of the existing structures, process equipment, and pavement within the former processing area; excavation of on-site and off-site surface and subsurface soil, sediment, and debris outside of the proposed disposal area and former processing area; excavation of soil within the processing area, stabilization of a subgrade layer, then construction of a low permeability cap over the stabilized area; consolidation of all the excavated material (from non-process and process areas) within the onsite disposal area, construction of a subsurface barrier wall around the disposal area, and construction of a low permeability cap over the disposal area and subsurface barrier wall; construction of an offsite jet-grout subsurface barrier; and installation of a monitoring system and other incidental related work. The work includes the following:

·         General Conditions

·         Site Preparation

·         Channel Rerouting and Lake Dewatering

·         Excavation and Disposal of On-site Non-Process Area Contaminated Materials and Construction of Containment Cell

·         Excavation and Disposal of Off-site Contaminated Materials and Construction of Containment Cell

·         Closure of Excavated Non-process Areas

·         Excavation and Disposal of On-site Process Area Contaminated Materials and Construction of Containment Cell

·         Solidification/Stabilization of Subgrade Layer and Closure of Process Area

·         Containment Cell Barrier Wall

·         Containment Cell Closure

·         Containment Barrier Wall and Localized Stabilization

·         Monitoring Systems

·         Project Closeout




Regional Stormwater Improvements Design,
Cape Canaveral AFS, Florida

  • Combined stormwater and groundwater treatment system
    • Manage (capture, route and treat) stormwater runoff
    • Prevent (capture and treat) groundwater contaminated with chlorinated solvents
  • 1st Multi-purpose treatment system ever approved by FDEP/USEPA
  • “Green” Design – Passive Treatment Systems Utilized

Stormwater Basin & VOC Groundwater Plume Capture Project Design



NPDES Permit Discharge Compliance Evaluations
Cape Canaveral AFS and Patrick Air Force Base, Florida
45th Space Wing (45 CES/CEVC)

  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)
  • Evaluate NPDES violations
  • Locate and control the source
  • Recommend/update Best Management Practices “’cut-off” impacts to river
  • Implementation of BMP’s helped ensure compliance with regulatory requirements



Site OT-30 DNAPL Remediation RCRA Corrective Measures Implementation
Patrick Air Force Base, Florida

  • $4.5M (CMI) treatment of groundwater contaminated with trichloroethylene (TCE)
  • In-situ application of emulsified zero valent iron (EZVI) and vegetable oil.
  • Application using pneumatic fracturing
  • 69,100 gallons of EZVI
  • 7,100 gallons vegetable oil
  • Application of KB-1TM for bioaugmentation post injection.



Operations & Maintenance (O&M) and Remedial Process Optimization (RPO) of Various Treatment Systems
45th Space Wing (45 CES/CEVR)

  • Performance Based Contract
  • Long Term Monitoring (LTM) and O&M of multiple sites and treatment systems
  • RPO of Horizontal and Vertical Air Sparge System (VASS/HASS)
  • RPO of Hangar K Air Sparge Groundwater Treatment System
  • RPO of 1798 and 1381 Surface Water Canal Bubbler



Renovate Two Little League Baseball Fields
MacDill Air Force Base, Florida

  • Remove surface from each field and construct clay infields to Little League specifications including pitchers’ mounds
  • Reposition and/or install new fences, foul poles, and dugouts
  • Construct warning track inside the entire perimeter of the fence
  • Replace and/or repair irrigation system
  • Replace existing field lighting poles/system
  • Sod and maintain fields prior to completion



Reconfigurable Armored Tactical Personnel and Collective Training System (RATPAC)
System Design/Build

  • Live-fire training facility for military and law enforcement personnel
  • Accurately recreates situational realism is requisite to firearms/tactical training programs
  • Design, Set-up, Configuration, and Maintenance
  • Walls, stairways and other interior features are reconfigured to present a different scenario for each training exercise



Hazardous Material Surveys and Support Various Locations Worldwide – NAVFAC & USACE

  • MacDill AFB, Florida – USACE
    Clinic Replacement – 250K SF, 21 facilities

  • Keesler AFB, Mississippi – NAVFAC
    Central Heating Plant Hurricane Repairs

  • NAS Oceana, Virginia – NAVFAC
    EPMU Replacement

  • NAS Diego Garcia – NAVFAC
    Medical Facility Renovations

  • Vicenza, Italy – NAVFAC
    Military Family Housing/Elementary & Middle Schools

  • Supported A/E design with over 2,500 lead/asbestos sampling & testing.

  • Completed SPECSINTACT specifications and design drawing notes


Work Site September 2, 2009

Space Launch Complex 12 Blockhouse Demolition and Decommissioning
Cape Canaveral AFS, FL

  • Asbestos, PCB Transformers, and PCB Paint Sampling & Abatement
  • Removal and preservation of historic of Blockhouse Periscopes
  • Universal waste survey and removal
  • Blockhouse Demolition
    • Consisted of 4 ft thick Concrete Inner Shell, 1 ft thick Concrete Outer Shell with 10 ft thick sand fill
    • Steel Vault Access Door
    • Over 5,000 tons of concrete and 5,000 tons of sand fill
  • Recycling & Reuse
    • Processed > 5,000 tons of concrete to reusable rip rap
    • Recycled > 10,000 lbs of metal/recyclables