Welcome to CORE Engineering and Construction's Subcontractor Portal

CORE’s continued success depends heavily on the partnerships that we develop with our subcontractor. In order to facilitate the development of these partnerships, we have developed this easily accessible portal. Here you can find some of the necessary information to initiate the partnering process. Please download and review our Standard Subcontract as well as our insurance requirements. We would also encourage you to prepare and submit our Subcontractor Qualification form. This form is used by our project managers to identify firms that may be interested in bidding on certain aspects of a particular project.

Subcontractor Qualification Questionnaire

The contents of this questionnaire will be considered confidential and used solely to determine your firm's qualifications

General Information

Name of Business:*
Street Address:*
Zip Code:*
Website Address:*
Point of Contact:*
Estimator Contact:*


Firm is a:
Date Founded:
State Formation:
Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN):
Cage Code:
Other names has your firm operated/DBA:
Small Business Classification (e.g. 8a, HUBZone, SDV):
Number of Employees:
Is your firm owned or controlled by any other organization?
If Yes, please describe:
Has your firm or any other organization, with which the officers or partners were involved during the past three years, ever failed to complete any work awarded?
If yes, please explain:
Are there any judgments, claims, arbitrations, proceedings or suits pending/ outstanding against your firm or its officers or principals?
If Yes, please explain :
Has your firm filed any lawsuits or requested arbitration or mediation with regard to construction contracts within the last three years?
If yes, please explain :


List the type of work your firm performs (Include NAICS Codes)
List the geographic areas your firm works:
Attach a list of projects your firm currently has in progress showing the project name, location, owner, architect/ engineer, general contractor, contract amount, percent complete, scheduled completion date and contact person.
Attach a list of the major projects your firm has completed in the last three years showing the project name, location, owner, architect/ engineer, general contractor, contract amount, completion date and contact person.

List your annual sales/gross revenue for the last three years:

Last Year $:
2nd Year $:
3rd Year $:
What is your average job size? $:
What is your largest job size? $:


Bonding Company:
Bonding Agent:
Bonding Capacity:
Bonding Rate::


Reference 1 Company:
Reference 1 Contact:
Reference 1 Phone:
Reference 1 Email:
Reference 2 Company:
Reference 2 Contact:
Reference 2 Phone:
Reference 2 Email:
Reference 3 Company:
Reference 3 Contact:
Reference 3 Phone:
Reference 3 Email:

Health & Safety:

Experience Modification Rate last 3 years

Last Year:
1st Prior Year:
2nd Prior Year:
Insurance Carrier:


Does your company have a written safety program?
Do you have a full time safety representative?


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